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Is it possible to create a page in Rapidweaver to display line charts based on user input? As an example, if someone were tracking specific parameters over time, is it possible to have them input them into a Rapidweaver stack page and then produce a line chart based on the current data set so that trends can be analyzed over time? Hopefully that is clear - I am looking for something similar to an Excel dashboard type of feature for clients to track data from water well laboratory analysis results. Thanks for any help!

I’m not a 100% sure what you’re looking for visually, but the Charter stack has different chart options with the option of connecting to a CSV or Google sheet. The person inputting the data wouldn’t need to have RW.

Another option is the Live Data stack which also uses Google sheets to import the data into the page.

You didn’t mention if you use Stacks, but the Stacks plugin would be needed to use the 2 options above.


Yes - I use Stacks. Thanks for your input and I did download the Charter stack and it looks like it has some possibilities for my use - I’d just have to set my clients up with Google Sheets. It would be nice to have the clients be able to enter the data on the web site in a membership area, but I may be able to make Google Sheets work, as well, but I am going to have to learn more about how to use them.

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Hi @tballard - thanks for downloading Charter. I think it should be possible to make it fit your needs. Google Sheets is definitely the easiest approach for this purpose as you can have a shared Google Sheet that your users can edit/add values to. You can set it so that they can edit it if they have the link or make it so that they have to login with a google account. It may be possible to even embed the google sheet within your member’s page and have them add the data there.

Example 3 on this page is a Line chart that is linking to live Google Data (and you can even view the data source to see how it looks on Google):

I have also heard that some people who use Joe’s TCMS make use of its Datastore which can be used to edit CSVs. Not sure if that is something that you use or even whether that can work alongside your membership site.

Let me know if you have any questions when trying to pull this together.

Thanks, Stuart - That is helpful information. I do have TotalCMS, but have not deployed it yet, so I will check out the Datastore feature to see if something like that would work. Ideally, I would like the clients to be able to update their own information into a spreadsheet or entry form I provide so that it is in the right format. I’m going through your Charter tutorial videos to get to speed on the capabilities and set up, so I will let you know if I have other questions. So far, the videos seem to be pretty good, so thank you for putting those together.

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Just an FYI, if you are using Foundation, the built in Foundation forms can use a custom post. This will allow you with a few lines of php to write the contents of a form (on submit) to a csv file.

If a standard grid type input works and you are using TotalCms, then datastore is a good solution as well, it has both admin (write to CSV) and user stacks (display/download CSV)

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Thanks for pitching in @swilliam - that’s really good info. I’ll see if I can knock up an example with a form submitting to a csv file when I get a chance as that could well be a useful approach for some people’s needs.


That would be awesome actually, as my php skills are limited, I am afraid.

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