A way to post on our site while not using RW

OK here is my dilemma,

I am the administrator for my fly fishing club, Normally when I need to make an announcement it is done in advance, however some times for events while I am at work and can’t get to the computer at home, A announcement must go out due to inclement weather etc.

What I would like is for a way that we can put an renouncement on the front page and some one else can do it like a blog or something that is in a stack on the front load page. This way a few people can do it when I can’t get to it.

Is there a stack or something out there that can do this?

You could do it with typed.com and the blog stack, or e en with easyCMS

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Yes, this sounds like the perfect thing for Easy CMS to do.

You could do it wit the free Microblog stack from Stacks4Stacks. It uses the Tumblr service which lets you add posts from a browser. There’s also an iPhone app (last time I looked) and I think you can even email posts to your blog.

Here are several online posting solutions listed:

As @instacks has indicated with his link, there are many, many ways to do this. I am particularly fond of Armadillo, which will even allow you to create new pages without resorting to RW. In the time I’ve been using RW, we have gone from having almost no way of adding content outside the program to being spoilt for choice.

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For the use case you describe I think that Kuler Edits would probably be perfect. You don’t appear to be asking for a blog or a CMS system, though if you were I would be recommending Armadillo which would do both those things and cover your original request with ease.

At its simplest, Kuler Edits would give you a place on your site where you can log in, be presented with a text editor interface. You then write something and save it. Whatever you wrote will then appear on the site wherever you placed the Kuler Edits stack in the first place. You can log in and change that text as much as you like and the styling should look just like the rest of the site.

If what you described is all you will ever need, then Kuler Edits. If you would like something more powerful that would also give you ‘on page’ editing plus a great blog, a media library and an altogether more CMS-y solution then I would check out Armadillo.