A way to stop download of pdf files?

Hi all
Is there anyway to make a pdf file viewable only, not downloadable?
The page that it is on will be password protected, but the contents of the pdf should only be viewable, not downloadable.
Thanks for any help

Maybe https://www.flipsnack.com/
They have a free basic plan for pdf’s under 30 pages.

Hi, thanks will take a look, - the pdf is 28 pages

You’re still able to take screenshots.

Hi Jannis
Yes, just been playing around with it…makes nice flipbooks but the free version is also public on the web. They want to protect the document as a whole being downloaded…so I may just ‘deconstruct’ it as it seems impossible to stop a pdf being download?? Unless you have any other ideas?

Digital Rights Management has been an ongoing problem for decades and is probably never going to disappear.
A lot of comes down to trust unfortunately.
One way of preventing sharing pdf’s would be to watermark them with the users personal info.
Vibralogix has a plugin for he membership software Sitelok that can add a name and email address to a pdf, but if you’re already securing it using some other password protected system it seems a shame to buy another one. Although I think with the pdf plugin it’s still only 50 or 60 quid.
Might be worth look at.

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