Protect pdf files in Page Safe

How do I secure pdf files in Page Safe that cannot be traced by the internet, but can be downloaded after logging in Page safe.
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Ask @joeworkman

When you say traced, what do you mean?

If someone has the download URL then I don’t think PageSafe will protect the downloading from any one.

I believe SiteLok from @vibralogix can protect resources like a pdf file.

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Thanks Doug for your reply.
I will look to it.

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PageSafe cannot protect the direct url to a pdf. It can protect a page that has a pdf embedded. You could use my PDF Embed stack.


If I have the URL to the PDF being embedded, I still have access to it.

That PDF is still just a file on the server.

Any embedding just makes it a little harder for someone to get the URL.

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not if you don’t have the page safe code!

That is correct. If someone were to get the direct URL to the PDF file, it is still accessible to whomever has it. The URL would not be obtainable unless the person had access to it by unlocking the page. Or if someone else were to be technical enough to figure out the URL and give it to someone else. Someone could also just download the PDF and share it. This is true of Sitelok or PageSafe.

You’ll need a script like Linklok.

Edit: or maybe it’ll work with Sitelok if it can protect the folder the file is in?

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