Looking for pdf page flipping stack

I am looking for a stack that will permit the viewing of a pdf as a book with page flip animations. I have other programs which have this functionality and export to html, but when I try to use them with RW (such as in a simple html stack) I can’t use other stacks.

You like the flip style animations as opposed to just opening the pdf in the browser to read? My site has lot’s of eBooks in various formats including pdf so I’m interested in your application and use. I’ve often thought of a “flip book” but instead, I simply provide a direct link to the pdf file. Let me know. Thanks.

I’m trying to protect the content, which you can’t do if you just post a pdf or a link to a pdf.
The effect is shown at algolinternational.com, which is protected by Pagesafe. There’s a bug in RW7 when playing together with Pagesafe that Joe Workmen and the RW folks are trying to fix. The code is 1234–but if you try to input the code on a mobile, it will fail. I mean cell. Another issue.

Ahh… understood. We have paid and free. Smaller paid is served up by cart while video downloads and such come form Amazon S3 service. Likewise the free stuff. I use LinkLok URL with expiring links, even for the free stuff else some people just sit and click, click, click. expecting a video to download in 5 seconds…

Have you considered a simple password protected folder on your server? Or perhaps I’m still not understanding.

I don’t mind if people read the content for free in an open browser. But if they want to download and print a pdf, I want to charge for it. The flipping page pdf is a swf or html5 file, these you can’t print (of course you can print html5 or xml but that is a different story.

Than you should check Pagelit stacks (https://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/pagelit)