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Any advice on a good reliable hosting company? We have 5 website (small ones) which are now hosted on a resellers account but the hosting company does no longer provide this service and thus the software is not updated anymore (so now issue with one of our blogs).

We might in future also decide on managed hosting of a WP blog for 1 site.

Any recommendations?


Chillidog @barchard - you will never want to look back :slight_smile:


+1 for Greg and Chillidog.


Chillidog is great.

I’d also recommend A2 Hosting. We partnered with them to offer dedicated RW hosting. They are a larger company and very professional. We’ve been hosting the Realmac site with them for years, more details on what they offer here:

Hope that helps!


Thanks @Fuellemann and @robbeattie :smiley:

Hi @orion94nl welcome! I am happy to help you get started or answer any questions you have. You can certainly use Wordpress at Chillidog Hosting. In fact, we have an automatic Wordpress installer and updater available (for free) for clients.

Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help. We’re been helping the RapidWeaver community with hosting since 2011 and developing add-ons since 2008. :slight_smile:


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I’ve said it before, but I find Dreamhost great! They are very reliable, and very professional. Their support is outstanding readily available. They cover all levels of users from beginner to intermediate to advanced. I find their rates to be quite reasonable. I’ve been using them for 12 or 13 years now, so they’re definitely around for the long haul.


Another vote for DreamHost


I checked all providers you mentioned. Dreamhost looks nice but does not offer moving website for free (you have to do this yourself…and although I am an IT savy person this would be something I would be hesitant to do). A2hosting looks good as well, but mmh yeah… I do not know (looked up some reviews and overall good but lately some what more negative reviews). Personally I think I prefer smaller webhosting companies… so I will reach out to Chillidog for sure. Thanks for your input!

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HI Gregory, I filled in twice a from via your website, and when send it says ‘’ your session has expired" so not sure you reveive our messages. Can you let me know?

Hi, that sounds like the google recaptcha had expired. You may also email us using the email: support


Responded :slight_smile: thanks for reaching out.


I went to Chilidog from Godaddy. You will not regret it. Top shelf help and support.