RapidWeaver webhosting in Belgium/Europe

(Tom Mareels) #1

Hi, anybody any suggestion on which web hosting company I could use in Belgium? Or could I just subscribe to Realmacsoftware’s partner Little Oak?



(Scott Steven) #2

Regionalising websites does not make sense unless there is a massive load on them due to visitor counts. I am in malaysia and I host with wehostmacs.com in San Jose california for the average site it makes no difference. I host virtual sites with them as well as I have 3 mac servers and dont scold me 1 windows server of my own in their Data Centre with them. It makes no difference even on the Learning Management Systems for a couple of Universities locating there rather than in country. Just depends how comfortable you are with the company you are doing business with.

(Gregory Barchard) #3

Hi tom

Some say for SEO, it matters but I don’t buy this at all. The content on the page and TLD (eg, .co.uk, .be etc.) is what is important.

Anyways, host your site where ever you like! If you’re interested in Chillidog Hosting, let me know! :slight_smile:


(Tom Mareels) #4

Thanks Greg,

looked at your website/company. VERY cool and professional.

Think you’ll have another customer soon :wink:


(Gregory Barchard) #5

Hi tom

You’re quite welcome. I look forward to working with you