Abolish "promoted" stacks and themes!

(tim parsons) #1

On the Add Ons site, IMHO the “promoted” items are going way over the top !!

Visitors to the site, who dont know the difference between a Theme and a Stack can be easily confused when they Search for Themes and find a lot of Stacks listed on the page as well, and vice versa of course.


(Brandon Scott Corlett) #2

I agree that this system could benefit from a UXD enhancement.

(tim parsons) #3

@BrandonCorlett Hi Brandon, O well, somebody has to ask the question, and it might as well be ME :slight_smile:

Please what does UXD mean ???

Whatever it means, it must be a dammed good idea LOL


(...) #4

User Experience Design

(tim parsons) #5

@Flash Mystery Solved, thanks for taking the time to answer my question :slight_smile: