About a PHP update by a host

Several years ago I made two sites with RapidWeaver and I believe Stacks. Possibly with one of the themes. Recently a lightning strike fried our electronics including my computer. My new Mac os 10.15.5. The host for my sites FatCow is going to update PHP which may render my sites unworkable. They are photography sites so I will need new software. Are the latest version of RapidWeaver and Stacks going to work? Any theme suggestions? If you want to see my current sitehttp://www.jeffreyglasser.com/


Looking at you current site, it looks like you are using at least three differnet themes:

  1. Home Page is using “marvel” From Nick Cates. Nic left the RapidWeaver community last year. It was a paid theme, It isn’t supported anylonger but the lookup still works on his old site so you could get a copy for free (if you still have the email you purchased with).
  2. The About Page uses the Kiki theme (comes with RapidWeaver).
  3. The Album page(s) and Contact page use the the split theme, comes with RapidWeaver.

    You are using stacks on the Album pages and it looks like you are using Nick Cates’s Photo Stack. @joeworkman took over Nick’s old stacks so he sent out emails about getting a new supported copy.

    As for themes, I would probably stick to the same one for all pages and pick one that is supported. There are a lot of good conventional themes out. ThemeFlood has a bunch that all have a free demo try before you buy version.

    You could also consider one of the many frameworks like Foundry, Foundation 6, Platform, etc, etc. They have a lot more flexible, but take a bit of time to pick up.

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