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What’s missing from RapidWeaver that would make it perfect? Let us know here!

Multi windows = option to open a document in two windows at same time… like it’s possible in Adobe Indesign. This way you can work with two pages at the same time or work at a page and preview the page in another window.

You’d also be able to add site wide code and preview the document at the same time.

Ultimate wish list - make Rapidweaver more CMS capable. I love Rapidweaver, I have built over 150 websites with it, but am having to start moving some websites over to Joomla and Wordpress, because some clients need, and these days expect, better access to make changes, add pages, blog, etc. There are some Rapidweaver plugins and stacks that give some of this capability, but all fall short somewhere (like access control, or the ability to add new pages, or price, etc.)…

Also, the ability to open Rapidweaver projects on more than one computer. Having my projects “tied” to my desktop computer, and not being able to reliably make changes “on the road” from my laptop, is a severe drawback.

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  • A Keyboard-shortcut or right mouse click to collapse and expand blocks of stacks to gain better overview. And/or a possibilty to zoom in and out in stacks window. It can be done already by selecting a stack block and press the hide icon. But in my opinion to complicated with all these selections and icon clicks. Perhaps possible to do by adding a double click action to the stack title to toggle between hide/show?
  • An option to make the stack icons in the stacks panel smaller. Now they are far to big.
  • Adding a tool tip to the stack icons to make it possible to read ALL text below the icon.

Two more things…

  • Having more publishing options would be nice. Like publish all except images. Or a possibilty to flag what to publish.
  • Having more control over where (which folder) things like images, css and js are stored. Personally I consider the site structure build by RW is to “crowded” and would prefer a flatter structure.

The ability to sync RW running on two machines and to make the process of exporting a project from one to the other far smoother than it presently is. I like to bring my work with me and edit the project whilst mobile, but the process for ensuring that I have all the correct files and folders (styles/themes, etc) is very problematic.

Simple export function and ability to sync both installations would be great!

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Double clicking an image opens the Image inspector with filename, format, scale mode, border color, shadow etc.

How about…

  1. A built-in image ‘editor’ with the most needed and simple correction tools – like crop & resize?

– or –

  1. Option directly from RapidWeaver and the Image Inspector to direct the image to a 3d party image app?

– or –

  1. Option to drag the image from RW to the desktop to adjust + then back to RapidWeaver again. (Well, you can – sort of – if you preview your RW doc first).

– or –

  1. Maybe a feature to open the images stored within the RW doc – with a 3d party image app + resave them to the same destination.

– or –

  1. Option to read the original image size (height, width, pixel) of the image imported into RW.

RapidWeaver also owns/develops the Squash app – why not make it easier to direct images directly from RW… connect RW & Squash (and add an option to crop images from Squash).

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Real Masterpages. Needs a separate section where I can design and save the global sections of the site like the Header footer areas. Check out everwebs implementation of this.

Maybe this is out there… maybe doesn’t have to be in rapidweaver either.

A real template design and creation solution. Where I can make my own templates.

Rapidweaver for Windows! This is my feature request for Rapidweaver 8. I used to be a Mac user only, but had to purchase a PC laptop to run most of my software. Rapidweaver is the only reason why I use the Mac anymore (drag-and-drop website creation plus instant blog pages). When the Mac gives out (which could be soon), I would prefer to move to PC and use Rapidweaver on the PC.

option to open a document in two windows at the same time… like it’s possible in Adobe Indesign. This way you can work with two pages at the same time or work at a page and preview the page in another window.