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@dan I would really like to see this very forum integrated into rapid weaver 7. Ie the technology that powers this feature of your website turned perhaps into a plug in (which I would not mind paying for)

Now the real thing for me though is I would love to see a feature/plugin stack whatever that organises databases in the background and allows visitors to rapid weaver created sites to open an account with the site and view their own specific content.

I understand that there would be issues in terms of security as well as sites ballooning out of control but, its up to the rapid weaver user then to manage all that you guys would just power the technology :smile:

sorry if any of this has been mentioned previously

I am very new to this

for that matter has anyone out there tackled with the whole

“creating visitor specific content” thing???

and if so how did you go about creating user pages? any help ideas would be appreciated

I think I know where and how to start but just looking to bounce ideas some (in case any of you guys can save me heartache)

We use a third-party service for the forums, so we can’t build it as a plugin - sorry!

Might be worth seeing if such a stack that includes this:


suck a stack? lol
thanks for the reply mate
I scoured the stacks yesterday and couldn’t find anything close enough to what I’m describing (poorly though it is described, i know)
certainly not for forums or for customer login pages, I will however have another look cheers

Ahem. Corrected. Sorry :wink: