Is there a way to jointly edit a RapidWeaver site from two computers?

Hi, I’m looking for a platform that would allow two different users to update a site from two different computers. I looked at RW 4.0 years back and it did not have this, but I thought I would check to see if there had been any advances on this front since then.


If you mean can two people work on the same RapidWeaver project file at the same time, then no. There are ways to work on the same site at different times.

  1. Store a project file on Dropbox. But, if you do that, follow these rules on this forum post
    Storing Rapidweaver sites on Dropbox
    You can also now store themes and addons (plugins and stacks) on a service like dropbox and I believe iCloud.

  2. RapidWeaver has many CMS stacks now that you can setup a website, publish it and then anyone you give access to can adjust content. My favorite (of course because I work for Joe Workman) is Joe’s Total CMS but there is also Easy CMS (by Joe), Armadillo (by Nimblehost), Pulse CMS and others out there too.

I am sure others will come up with other ideas as well.

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Joe used to have some DropBox type add on that I used to use with version 5. Is this any way related to that, or is it a new feature of 7?

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No, that stopped working with RW6. Since RW7 you have been able to put your addons anywhere you want, and I have mine on a dropbox account, so I can share them with all of my computers. That way, when one computer sees updates a stack, I don’t have to go to all of my other computers and update them.


Thanks for your replies folk, this is very useful.