ActionHost updated to version 2

This clever little stack (formally a Tsooj Media stack) helps you modify and manipulate links within a webpage. It can work on both theme navigation links and links you ordinarily create within a webpage. ActionHost can change the address that a link points towards, add extra attributes, disable normal link behaviour or trigger things like lightboxes, language switches and shopping carts. The editing interface of ActionHost makes this stack relatively easy to setup.


ActionHost masks all the complicated code and can also be configured as a partial for use over multiple webpages.

Changes in version 2 include:

  • New icons, meta data, support links and update checking facilities
  • Renamed and regrouped some settings
  • Changed a couple of the informational tooltips
  • Surplus style settings (like backgrounds, borders, layout and responsive controls) are now hidden, to make setup faster and easier
  • Improved the font size and clarity of the instructions shown in edit mode
  • Javascript calls for E-Junkie carts now happen over SSL
  • ActionHost no longer requires a page with a .php extension

In addition to the above, the following new action types have been added to ActionHost:

  • Add an HTML5 data attribute and value to the link
  • Apply a unique ID selector name to the link
  • Force a linked file to download (in newer web browsers) and give it a new file name
  • Print the current webpage (or save it as a PDF)
  • Reload the current webpage
  • Navigate back to the previous webpage, that the user came from
  • Switch the website language using RWML v2 (due for release very shortly)
  • Execute custom jQuery Javascript code, when the link is clicked

Here is the full list of supported link actions in 2.0. Disable link is the default:

Some special API features are being used in ActionHost 2, so the minimum system requirements of this stack have been raised to Stacks 3.5. You may notice pages preview and publish faster, as a result.

This is a FREE update for all existing users, available from your Paddle account or by getting in contact via email and providing ‘proof of purchase’.

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This looks like it could have a whole lot of utility.

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