Yuzool's Navigation Stack - updated (THANKS!)

Just a quick note of THANKS to Michael at @yuzool for updating his Navigation stack so quickly. I sent him a detailed message of things that would make the stack even better…and I believe that within the week he ticked off every one of them (more than what I requested, by the way), including:
• Add MENU (or any other word) to the hamburger
• Break points as to when it goes to mobile menu
• Z-Index, to keep it behind other floating content
• Divider lines between menu items
• Add a logo via an image stack
• Set the logo width
• Scroll to color
• Lots of other options
Without a couple of the options above, the Navigation stack would have remained unused in my toolbox. With them, I can now use them it. So, many, many thanks for Michael’s lightening-fast updates!!!

Read more here: https://updates.yuzoolthemes.com/post/172028698432/navigation-11


Thanks for posting this @Dave - and really appreciate your feedback in making this Stack progress to this level.

Be great to see the sites you make with Navigation! :slight_smile:


And I really, really appreciate your super-fast updating. There’s only one other developer I know of who does this. So, kudos to you!

All the best,



Woke up this morning to a beautiful and QUICK update, awesome work. Thanks!!!

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Thanks @rolisize I had a working weekend and really couldn’t contain my excitement to get this out today… glad it helped you have a nice morning!


Navigation Stack

Hi Michael, I have version 1.0.2. I saw on your site apparently an update with version number 1.1.
I’m missing some updates?


It went from 1.0.2 > 1.1

Updates sent out via email also so you should have it :slight_smile:


Is there a way to make the font the same as the default for your theme? 8 times out of 10 I’d like to use the “base font” I set up in Foundry. This font may, or may not, be in the option list for Navigation stack.


Great question @Mathew

You can do that already - select “custom” and then type in the Font name from Foundry or the Theme you are using.


“Josefin Slab” (Google Font) found in Kiki Pro theme.
You can see it working here. Josefin selected in theme and typed into Stack:

That said, I’ll release an update today (1.1.5) with an option to select “Theme” and it will auto take the Theme selected font without needing to Type it in :slight_smile:

The custom feature here is also good if using other Stacks on the page and want to tap into that Font.

Update soon :slight_smile:

Has been released!


Great! Many thanks.

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Great update Michael, looking forward to the next updates (new features) too :smile:



Great update now it really works for me

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It’s a great addition to my library of gadgets by Yuzool. Two modifications I"d like to see are the ability to change the height of the navbar, and the option to remove the branding space and center the menu.


I’ve got another suggestion. Within Foundry I can set an inner-max width for the bar, or choose to do full-width inner container. I typically set my inner-max width bar to 960 px. Would it be possible for Navigation to do the same? I prefer not to have the menu bar stretched across the whole screen when using higher resolution monitors.


Yes, yes, yes! to Mathew’s suggestion. This is the issue I mentioned. Sticking the Navigation stack into a full-width stack (with a colored background) doesn’t do the trick- and for most of my sites, I want the navigation to be site-wide, not browser wide. See this site, as an example.

Not high on my priority list would be a gradient background, too.


All sound great - thanks for the suggestions. I’ll look to make those improvements for next week (busy this weekend so will take a little longer than last time)

That’s 5 new features :slight_smile:

Have a good weekend all and back next week with more info! :wink:


I know you’ve edited this already, but just in case: Yes, a request for inner-max width of the bar! (That’s what it’s called in Foundry, but the correct name/term may be something different.)


While you are working on future updates of the stack, would you consider adding:

  1. An option for opacity on the scroll to color
  2. An option of either turning off the dividers between the menu pages, in other words just having the 1 divider separating the logo / menu toggle and pages or adding color option for the dividers.

If it can’t be done, perhaps a CSS snippet can be made available?

Thank you!03%20AM


Back from a Spring break and just shipped 1.2 with all the requested updates inside :slight_smile:
Let me look at these from @rolisize and report back with a quick update if possible soon!


Thanks to all for their help making 1.2 a reality! Here we go:

Thanks to @Mathew, @lindan, @Dave for your suggestions!

We got all those things in there, including:

Center Nav items

Fixed Centralised Floating Navigation


Hide Branding option

Navigation height!

Mobile Scroll Height

And most requested…

Fixed inner menu width

Here’s the full release notes:

1.2 Navigation Stack:


  • NEW: Option added to set inner-max width of the bar! So you can choose to now do full-width inner container or set a inner-max width to say 960px. This is useful if you don’t want the navigation going edge to edge on big screens.
  • NEW: Option added to center align the menu items!
  • NEW: Added option to hide Branding completely!
  • NEW: Set the Scrollable Height of the Burger Menu. Good if you have lots of menu items and don’t want people to have to scroll too much - make it longer.
  • NEW: Added fixed centralised on top option! So floats nicely at top of screen in the centre whilst scrolling.
  • NEW: Gradient Menu Style added for top Nav bar! With 2 colours and angle option! This one can make you site look like the 80s in no time.
  • NEW: Desktop menu height can be adjusted! Means logo needs to be moved/adjusted also in its own settings panel.

With these options it will allow you to hide branding, centre the navigation and use your own logo and slogan stacks above the Navigation Stack.

More to come soon. Will look at @rolisize mention above and thanks all for having fun with this Stack!

Happy Weaving!