Add a new destination question/problem

Hello - I have a RW project built on a host server where I ftp to as a sandbox. Using ADD A NEW DESTINATION I tried ftp-ing the project to a different webhost server but not all URLS resolve to the new FTP. Only the home page does: Am I mistaken to assume that page links within the project are relative urls? Are my project settings wrong? Doing something wrong? If if I change the page link to the new ftp site, save and publish, nothing seems to change. Kindly advise. Thanks.


Under settings >advanced you have the option to set file links:


If set to Relative to Page that should work. The URL you gave appears to be relative, so I’m not sure what you are seeing?

Thanks. I double checked Settings. It is set to “relative”. Secondary links, if you click on the sidebar - THP Exhibits which what I don’t want. I went in and unlinked and relinked. The pages are linking to the Home URL now. Could be that the project files need to be refreshed. Who knows. Just beginning to learn the "quirks’ of RW 7. Thanks much!

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