Simple website, page not uploading

I have a small website that has supplementary pages that are linked to another website.

There are two pages to it, but only one page is uploading to the server.

The path is

I created the project in September, and the RW project files and ‘home page’ (duplex.html) are there, but the 2nd page I created today (63.html) nor any of it’s associated files are showing up in the path.

Can anyone think of why the new page is not uploading?


That’s probably not your path. That’s your site url. Check with your host provider for the correct ftp path.

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I would guess your path is wrong. At least it looks wrong. Path is relative to your FTP server and doesn’t start withhttp://www.

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Are you sure that your ‘path’ field is correct; it’s rare to have ‘http…’ in a server’s path?

If - as it seems - your site is hosted by PAIR, a page like this one might help. Otherwise, be sure to use the path stipulated by your host. Good luck!

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Thanks everyone, totally my bad, it was the path that was incorrect. It is now working.


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