Add image to an event in Weavium's Kalendar?

All I really need is an event calendar - I use Foundry & I’ve been using the event calendar from Rapid Ideas, but the developer is no longer available. Being able to add some events from iCal would be great. But I mostly need to be able to upload info and a .jpg of the flyer for an event and have it pop up in the event modal. I have not seen any samples of Kalendar with images. I sent a query through to Weavium a few weeks ago and haven’t received a response. Does anyone know if one can add an image stack to an event posting in Kalendar?

Sorry, I’ve taken a look at the settings and Kalendar doesn’t appear to support images. Yabdabs Datesnap 2 did but it is now discontinued. There aren’t any alternative stacks but this from supports images in the drop down section.

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Can you add an image via Markdown?

Thanks, Jonathan, I’ll check onelittledesigner’s calendar - it looks perfect for my needs.

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