Kalendar – (New RapidWeaver Stack) The ultimate calendar event stack for RapidWeaver – by Weavium

Kalendar – The ultimate event calendar for RapidWeaver

Easily connect and display Google, iCal, Outlook, and other online .ics calendars, or create your own custom calendar events with Stacks

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Find out more here: https://www.weavium.com/stacks/kalendar

or go straight to some live examples

Find out more here: https://www.weavium.com/stacks/kalendar


That looks very good!

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Looks really nice! Can one add an External Apple Calendar too? In the tutorial there is only an example for Google and Outlook… https://www.weavium.com/tutorials/kalendar

The Apple Calendar shared calendars start with "webcal://p…" but don’t end in “.ics

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Hi there,

It is indeed possible to connect an external Apple calendar. As long as it’s published to the web and you have the .ics address. : )

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Thanks for your answer. Could you maybe give a short description on how to obtain the .ics address? I have a public calendar published but only using the webcal: address. Simply put: I don’t know how to find it :sunglasses::thinking::sweat_smile:

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Hi @Basswow,

We were able to get it connected using this tutorial here:

Basically, here are the steps:

  1. Publish your calendar to iCloud
  2. Make the calendar public, and obtain the webcal address
  3. Replace “webcal” with “https” in the url
  4. Paste the new url with “https” into the calendar address field in the Kalendar stack

I hope this helps. : ) We will be adding this to our tutorial page very soon.

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Cool :+1: that works.

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Hi, I have bought Kalendar and it looks lovely but insets a large white space at the top of the page when using Foundry. If I remove the Kalendar stack the white space goes away! Whilst I’m here… Would it be possible to have upcoming events from an eternal calendar listed in the nice way manual ones appear? It looks a bit bare if there is nothing on the day when you visit the published page.

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Hi there,

It must be some sort of a styling conflict, I will take a look to see if I can’t sort it out.

Also, any ideas for displaying upcoming events when the current day is empty??

As of now I can think of:

  1. Jump to the nearest day with events
  2. Display all events for the month
  3. (Insert your ideas here : ] )

Really anything is possible at this point so please feel free to make suggestions.

Thank you


We’ve just pushed out version 1.0.2 which removes the gap from the top of the page in foundry. : )

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Cool! I meant external calendar events by the way! Thanks for the speedy fix and keep up the hard work.

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I do like this new stack, but there is one big problem for me - it will not display recurring events from an Apple/iCloud ics external calendar. Discrete events are fine, but not one recurring event shows up.


Thanks for the input~

We noticed in developing the stack that a lot of calendar services have troubles with recurring events, simply due to the sheer size that the data can reach. We are exploring some different ideas and hope to be able to implement a solution for recurring events in the future : ).

Please hang tight and hopefully we can support this soon!

That’s fine thanks, it’s looking good already.

Before I forget, would it be possible to define the week start day as Monday?

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No problem John~

Not only is it possible, but you just happened to catch me at the right time. I’ve just added an option for starting the weeks on Monday in the “Kalendar – General” section. Simply check the option and you’ll be good to go. ^_-

Latest version should be 1.0.4

What a star!

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I’ve actually just pushed out another version with a small-fix for older browsers.
While you are at it, I recommend updating to 1.0.4.


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Hi @weavium
Wanted to order but you only provide VAT ID for the US. However, I’m coming from Germany. Thanks for clarification.

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Hi Jürgen,

I’ve contacted Cartloom about the issue, but still haven’t heard anything back. Unfortunately there is no option for us to change the type of VAT ID in the Cartloom settings. It seems to be automatically configured somehow.

I hope we can hear back soon and get this figured out.

Hi Skyler
I bought Kalendar and trying to use it in my projects. Please see the 2 attachments I have included. One is your doc and the other is a copy and paste from your doc, No changes were made. Im using Foundation as the theme. Any ideas please?

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