A CMS question - showing a blog entry in two places

Hi all, on a number of simple sites for friends I have used Armadillo as a CMS and its all worked swimmingly. However, I always end up with a bit of a fudge and wonder whether this is possible in Armadillo and/or is it possible in other CMS solutions (and if so which) ?

Assume a site just has a home page and a blog page (built with the CMS). Is there an easy way to show just the latest blog entry on the home page and have it link through to either the blog page or the actual blog entry (and then either have the ability to go back to the home page (back button) or to the full blog page)?

I always seem to end having the content entered on the blog page and then copying the content and pasting it into an entirely separate CMS box on the home page and manually adding the link to the blog entry.

The idea is that by adding a blog entry via the CMS, the home page automatically shows just the latest entry (or part thereof).

Am I missing something very basic…?



I don’t have the answer.

You are basically looking to show “recent posts” on a page outside of the CMS. I don’t know how with Armadillo but I am sure a little php or JavaScript magic can make it possible.

This would be a great addition to any and all the CMS ‘s offered in RapidWeaver and Stacks.

Yes, indeed - use the Armadillo Blog Headlines stack; it was designed specifically for this purpose. In stack options you can define how many posts you want displayed (just the most recent single post, or the latest three posts, etc). You can also define how much of the post you want displayed, filter by category/tag/author/archive, etc.

The Blog Headlines stack can be placed on any page of the site, and can be place on multiple pages even, if you end up having the need to display the latest blog posts on more than one page.

Hope this helps.


Well that was scarily simple. Thanks Jonathan - great product (and support!)

Off to have a play…


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