Adding Recent Armadillo Posts to Other Pages?

Hi Everyone

I am looking for a solution for a problem. I use Armadillo as my RW blogging solution. It works pretty good for most of m projects, but I am looking for some help with something and I don’t know if it can be done.

I would like to add a set number the latest post summaries on the home page or other pages on my side. I know it is possible using the Armadillo stacks, but there seems to be no way to link to the full article on be defined Armadillo blog page.

I guess I am asking if I can post sidebar content on other RW pages but link to the Armadillo page for reading the full post.

Hi, the Armadillo Blog Headlines Stack should do this. The headlines do link to the correct article pages. Are you not seeing this or do you mean something else?

You can move Armadillo Blog Headlines Stack in the sidebar with Houdini Stack, for example.

Yep, the included Headlines stack is the way to go. I use it at the bottom of this page -

I figured our why I was having a problem. User error… I didn’t have the blog URL defined in the setting… so Armadillo didn’t know where to send requests. Sorry to confuse everyone.

Headline stacks works fine. Too bad there is no option to show the summary with the image however.

Are you sure you can’t see images when “Show Post Text Preview” is selected and “Include Images” is cheked in the Headlines Stack’s settings?

I think that unless you have an image within the set number of characters for the headline it won’t show. That is why it would be nice to use the summary… because I use an image at the beginning of each summery. That would be ideal. The blog I am talking about can be seem here…

Ah, ok. For the summaries you use images that a not included in the actual blog posts. On my sites the summaries are identical to the posts’ first chapters. Maybe consider?

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