Is it possible with Rapidweaver?


I am trying to understand how to create a website like the following.

Is it possible to create a website like that via Rapidweaver ?

If yes, any tips would be appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Kent,

welcome to the forum. A site like Urbansitter is perfectly doable in RW. I’m sure you can make something better looking as well (sorry, I have a graphical background). You will need some stacks however (besides Stacks4 which is a must have). Subscriptions can be done by Sitelok stack, search engines like Searcher2 stack can be incorporated as well. You may want to invest in a framework like Foundry or Foundation or others as well, but there are templates available that may suit you.

Don’t hesitate to post your questions on the forum.



Thank you very much Hans for this really helpful answer ! Will dig into that and will certainly have other questions in a near future.

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My recommendation is Foundry with Hans’s other suggestions.



Hi Doug,

I had a look and agree that Foundry looks pretty awesome. So many possibilities with these stacks.

Thank you !

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Kent— It’s quite amazing what you can do with Foundry (and quickly). Best of luck with your project. —Doug

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One additional question regarding urbansitter website. It is a collaborative website in which users are publishing an ads and other users applying for the “job”.
How is that part working ? Which plug-in is used to allow user publishing on the website ?
Is that working as a blog or is it a specific plugin ?

Usually user willing to add an ads when clicking on the button are redirected to a specific form to complete information like “what,where,when,price etc … then by submitting it is posted under the right section of the site.

Thank you for your help.


@Kent1 I was completely new to RW a year ago, after searching for a few years for a replacement for my previous site-builder (Sandvox, and before that, iWeb). I’ve learned a lot in the process; here’s a post detailing the most useful things learned in the first several weeks: Rebuilding My Web

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Hi Kent,

I don’t have experience with ads on a site, but if you go for Foundry you should be able to do this with Alloy. This works like a blog, but you can also define areas that will work as a CMS system.


Thank you Hans. I had a quick look on Alloy and it looks like this might be what I was looking for. Thanks a lot !

Hi Kent,

By using the Embeds (Alloy), this should be perfectly doable. I’m just not sure about the amount of passwords you can give to third parties (if I recall, you can have 3 free users. You can add more by buying extra licences). I don’t have my Mac at hand this week, so I can’t really check it out, must be in the Alloy documentation somewhere.


Hi Hans,
Then I think this is not the right tool.
The idea is for any users who have created a profile to have the opportunity either to post a “job” or apply to a job.

I just don’t get how to setup something like that in a website and if all that work as a blog or a specific page created each time someone post a new job.

If I can compare it, it looks like a shop were people instead of buying something proposed by another user they would just provide a service (babysitting/ gardening/ cleaning …) and get paid through the website by the user who posted the job.
The only difference with a eCommerce is that I will not be the one posting the products but the users directly.
The site is finally looking like a platform in which users can post service request and apply to it.

Not sure I am explaining that well but maybe it is comparable to a classified ads website.



Hi Kent,

Then maybe something like this? A webshop with integrated CMS.
I’ve only my iPad this week, so I can’t experiment with some stacks in RW.

I’m sure there are solutions to be found,


I will have a look :eyes: thx.

Do you think that the following might be implemented in Rapidweaver:



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You can certainly use something like that in RW and I’d suggest that’s the way forward. In itself, Rapidweaver can’t produce a site like the one you used as an example, but it could act as the nice-looking ‘wrapper’ for a plugin like Quickad.

Alternatively, there might be a better database-driven web builder that would be much more suitable. I don’t know what it is though, sorry!

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I agree here.

You can use RW as a nice wrapper with all the nifty cool things for static pages (and some dynamic stuff), but for a job page like the example, you will need a proper software / web application.

Thank you for the advises.

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