URGENT: User Testimonials needed for RapidWeaver Community!

(ben) #1

We’re looking for 4 to 6 user testimonials to put on the new RapidWeaver Community website.

If you love the RapidWeaver Community site and want to be on the website, please fill in the form below and post it here:
(I’ve pre-filled it with an example to show you exactly what we need).

Full Name: Ben Counsell
RapidWeaver Website: realmacsoftware.com
Twitter: @bencounsell
Photo (Headshot): http://downloads.dancounsell.link/1duIg8
Testimonial (Be nice): “If you want to watch RapidWeaver video tutorials, listen to exclusive podcasts and download some free addons, then look no further than the RapidWeaver Community!”

Thanks for your support!


(Brad Halstead) #2


I’d love to but won’t have hosting and site set up until end of January… if that is ok, I will submit then.

Preferred image size and format?


(Rajat Bagga) #3

@ben :-

Full Name: Rajat Bagga
RapidWeaver Website: www.gursanjog.com
Twitter: @Rajat_bagga
Photo (Headshot): https://www.dropbox.com/s/hk5jazc9wpyko6z/Rajat.png?dl=0
Testimonial : “Being a Mainframes developer from past 10 years, who is having no idea how web works… I never thought that i could ever be able to make such a wonderful website and that too I did it
for my own marriage. Using RapidWeaver I was able to showcase my own life story with “www.gursanjog.com” and it all happened with the help of RapidWeaver Community… Great Product…Great Stacks…Great Support and wonderful people”

(ben) #4

Thanks for the replies so far :slightly_smiling:

Anyone else want to be featured on the new site?

(Ric) #5


Full Name: Rick Inport
RapidWeaver Website: https://casaejardim.pt
Twitter: Too old for that malarky
Photo (Headshot): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3423532/ricinport.jpg
The RapidWeaver Community website is proving to be a very useful addition to the existing available resources for RapidWeaver users.
Obviously there is a commercial bias and the downloadable content is geared towards subscribers but there remains a wealth of free information and it’s a useful showcase of add-ons from all the main developers.
Whilst relatively new the community site is constantly growing:
The Video section provides a rich source of hands-on information in tutorial like presentation for new and old weavers alike.
The Gallery provides a great source for inspiration from some beautifully crafted RapidWeaver coded sites.
Forum and Podcast links expand the RapidWeaver world for enthusiasts and a new Activity section provides constantly changing news and reviews.

(Dan) #6

We’re still looking for a few more testimonials, anyone else enjoying the community site?

(Brad Halstead) #7

@ben, @dan

Full Name: Brad Halstead (Turtle)
RapidWeaver Website: turtletuts.com (WIP)
Twitter: NA
Photo (Headshot): You have it already
Testimonial (Be nice): “The RapidWeaver© Community is a great resource for products developed by 3rd party Developers for RapidWeaver. The site is constantly updated by RMS and Developers. There are Subscription levels that offer some free goodies including products, tutorial videos, special Podcasts. It’s not just a Product search/review site though, it offers a fabulous multi-language forum for person to person support should you have questions about RapidWeaver® or 3rd party Products, even general web design queries. The user base there is super supportive and very knowledgable to offer clear, concise resolutions to most issues… caveat - you have to be clear with your issue for the best results! Your first step prior to posting an issue is to use the forums SEARCH feature to see if there are already topics related to your issue. Welcome and enjoy!”

(tim parsons) #8

@ben @dan
Full Name: Tim Parsons (Timmy Toad)
RapidWeaver Website: www.timmytoad.org.uk
Twitter: no way, too complicated
Photo (Headshot): https://www.dropbox.com/s/7bht0q4krdo2hou/me.jpg?dl=0
Testimonial : "Rapidweaver is so easy to use, and it has such a fantastic group of people who produce goodies for it, who cannot do enough for you if you should have any trouble via email or the forum…
I havent looked back since i was made redundant and retired a few years ago, i threw away my Windose Lap Top and got a MacBookPro, i then got Rapidweaver to tell everyone about Timmy Toad and Captain Beaky, it is the best thing i ever did "