Added Code after upload

(Brad Chisholm) #1

Hello everyone…
I have a question regarding added code since Rapidweaver 7 came out. I have been conversing with Realmac, but have come to a 0 resolution. In fact, the help has seemed to “STOP” all together.

Since the update to Rapidweaver 7, extra code has been added to the javascript (?rwcache=496217970) every time I upload a change to my booking calendar. This is a link to the messed up, [unedited example] ( and here is a link to a [working edited page] ( )

I have to manually go in to cPanel/ FileManager and manually delete the added code.

I have spoken with the host and they’ve assured me that no extra code is added without explicit consent and I have spoken with the Booking Calendar writer and he has also assured me that no extra code is added. So, that leaves Realmac’s Rapidweaver… Everything was working perfectly until I downloaded and installed RW7…

Add-ons I use are Stack Lightbox 3, SuperFlex,

Anyone have the same issue or know the fix?


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(Rob Beattie) #2

Hi Brad,

looks like some others have experienced this problem as well?

Something here may help.


(Doug Bennett) #3

I think what you are seeing is a time stamp. Go to settings and in advanced hover over the generate cache-busting links:

Try removing this option and republish.

(Isaiah Carew) #4

I’ve been using RapidWeaver a long time and I had a tough time finding those settings. So I wrote a step by step here:

thanks to @teefers – i included your screenshot in the steps.

(Marc Vos) #5

Thanks for the tip. Solved my problem!