Added Code after upload

Hello everyone…
I have a question regarding added code since Rapidweaver 7 came out. I have been conversing with Realmac, but have come to a 0 resolution. In fact, the help has seemed to “STOP” all together.

Since the update to Rapidweaver 7, extra code has been added to the javascript (?rwcache=496217970) every time I upload a change to my booking calendar. This is a link to the messed up, [unedited example] ( and here is a link to a [working edited page] ( )

I have to manually go in to cPanel/ FileManager and manually delete the added code.

I have spoken with the host and they’ve assured me that no extra code is added without explicit consent and I have spoken with the Booking Calendar writer and he has also assured me that no extra code is added. So, that leaves Realmac’s Rapidweaver… Everything was working perfectly until I downloaded and installed RW7…

Add-ons I use are Stack Lightbox 3, SuperFlex,

Anyone have the same issue or know the fix?


Hi Brad,

looks like some others have experienced this problem as well?

Something here may help.


I think what you are seeing is a time stamp. Go to settings and in advanced hover over the generate cache-busting links:

Try removing this option and republish.


I’ve been using RapidWeaver a long time and I had a tough time finding those settings. So I wrote a step by step here:

thanks to @teefers – i included your screenshot in the steps.

Thanks for the tip. Solved my problem!