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It seems like this should be obvious, but I am stumped. I have a Stacks page and have inserted a basic three column stack with a basic image stack in each column. I would like to make each image clickable by adding a link to a web page for each of the images but cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. I know you can do it in a normal styled text page, but what is the trick on a Stacks page? Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom on this.

Check out their FAQs


Thanks. Interestingly, the link button does not show up on a Stacks page unless you close the source list or the page inspector, but it does show up on the styled text page with those open. I guess that is where I got confused. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Ah, I see that could be confusing. It should not be required to hide the source list though.

If the RW window is not very large, then some of the UI buttons drop off from the toolbar. So, probably just need to expand the window to fill the screen up all the way – or perhaps reduce the width of the source list to it’s narrowest.

On most Macs this is not an issue. Even a MacBook Air 11" has a 1280px – which should be just enough to see the Source List, Stacks (with the link buttons showing), and the Info Sidebar.

However there is a single Mac, in a certain configuration, that has a slightly narrower screen. The most recent MacBook 12", if the screen size is set to “Default for Display” size – you’ll get barely over 1152px wide.

However, the screen on that computer is quite nice and actually has many more pixels – if you “scale” it. It will no longer be perfect resolution – but for doing Stacks layout, the extra pixels will probably be very worthwhile.

If you have new MacBook (2015 model) then I’d recommend opening up the System Preferences > Display and choose one of the options that gives a bit more room. Not for all the time, but while working on layouts it’s probably a good thing. :slight_smile:

And if you have any other computer – just make the window a little bigger. :slight_smile:


I have a 13-inch MacBook Air, so screen space is limited. I’ve been experimenting a bit and it sure seems like there should be enough real estate to show the full formatting menu even with the source list and inspector open, but that is not the case. My display size is already set to the maximum, so I don’t get any benefit from making changes there. I guess this is the price we pay to be mobile, but I definitely think I need to go with the 15-inch MacBook next time, which may not be all that far away. I’ve been pretty disappointed with the performance of the MacBook Air all the way around.

There are two recent MacBook Air 13’s – the 2015 and the 2017.

Here are their specs. If it’s a recent one, it should be one of these:

Both of these (as well as about a handful of older MacBook Airs – here’s how to identify them Identify your MacBook Air model - Apple Support ) – so… all of them… have the same native screen resolution of 1440 x 900 px

I took a quick snap of Stacks running in a window considerably smaller: 1200x700
It seems to show both toolbars complete.

We test here in our offices on a MacBook Air 11" – it has a physically smaller screen – but it has identical native pixel deminsions. So it’s a view we’re really familiar with and one that Stacks is very well tested on.

My guess is that your screen resolution is set so that you’re not getting all of the native pixels – or perhaps that some part of the RapidWeaver window is extra wide – like the source list split has been dragged to the right to make it wider.

You can compare your window to mine and perhaps it will be clear what the difference is? If not, then perhaps post a screenshot of what you’re seeing and I can help out.

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