Can't find links button

I Upgraded to Stack4 and can’t find a link button. What am I doing wrong? Thanks someone.

Try double clicking the stack where the text is. The link button is now contained the individual stack. It’s in the top left corner of the stack itself, orange coloured.

Thanks Neal,

Yes I got that one and I can link text OK, but can’t link an image stack for example. feeling a bit thick today

That button is at the top of all of stacks you have on the page.

Yeah, but it is not there.!

Which image stack are you using? The default Stacks4 image stack?

Yes, but it is the same for any stack. The link button just is not there.

Can you screenshot the whole page you’re working on?

Once you drop the Stacks4 image stack onto the page, you need to click on the stack itself before the link button appears.

Tried all that as well. Here is a screen shot. Nothing makes the button appear.

Have to go to meeting but will pick up on this later. Thanks for help. :slight_smile:

In Stacks 4 the link button only appears in the toolbar when it’s needed – so you’ll have to select the image to make it pop into view.

It will appear with both the Image stack and the Site Image stack when you click the inner blue content selection rectangle.

There is a very subtle thing here – probably something most folks just kind of breeze by – it’s designed to be exactly that way. It’s one of those things that new users can happily not worry about while they’re getting started, and more experienced users will start to utilize as they gain experience…

The outer blue rectangle is the stack selection. But some stacks have many content areas inside. The inner blue rectangle is the content selection. To get the link button to appear make sure that the inner blue image content area is selected as well.

Careful, the “default image stack” is no longer unambiguous. The default if you’re running all the latest and greatest stuff is Site Image, but it gracefully degrades back to the plain vanilla image stack in other cases. This affects the sort of thing you get when you drag an image into the layout area. So here’s the detail…

  • Stacks v3 (All RW Versions): Image stack
  • Stacks v4 (RW v7): Image stack
  • Stacks v4 (RW v8): Site Image stack

Site Images can’t be used in RW 7 – the resources API there is limited – so that feature is just absent in that case.

Hi Isaiah,

Thanks for this and thanks Neal. Thanks for Stacks 4, I am having a greatt time playing with it.

I am experimenting with the link button and getting it to work most times.

I am using Joe Workman’s Foundation and a lot of his stacks. I have noticed that you can’t make the Header stack link and there used to be a link facility in the the inspector but this seems to have disappeared.

Many thanks again.


Please strike that about the header stack. Mea Culpa

Stacks 4 changed the UI for editing text. It’s because depending on what type of text you’re editing, the buttons needed are quite different – so each type of text has its very own type of toolbar now.

But when you’re editing Styled Text (a plain text stack) you CAN add links, so there is a link button in the upper corner of the text editing toolbar.


One more note… For images, you need to click the image itself, not simply the stack name or outline. For example, I’m looking at a standard Site Image stack in a BetterFloat stack. If I click the stack title itself (Site Image) the stack is selected and highlighted but the link option does not appear. However, if I click the image within the “Site Image” stack then the link option (icon) appears. In others words, there are two entities. The stack which houses the image, and the image itself.

Thanks again


On a related note (as least as far as links attached to images) I noticed with the beta that it is no longer possible to inspect a link associated with an image. The only option if a link is already active is Unlink. So the only way to edit a link associated with an image is to Unlink and then start from scratch with a new link. Was kind of hoping this might have been fixed for the release version but it doesn’t appear so. Oh well. It’s great update anyway and there are certainly many other options for the same functionality. Just hoping…

@isaiah that is my experience as well. I can not change links. When I select a current link the first time with Stacks 4 I can not click on the link icon to edit it. I have to unlink it, then add a new link. This is quite cumbersome as I do not know every link and by unlinking it, the link gets lost - I have to look elsewhere to receive it again.

Same here…help @isaiah

I have noticed this as well.

Also I have a site with lots of audio links to .wav files. I am using Joe Workman’s html5 audio stack. As soon as I upgraded to Stacks 4 all the links disappeared, the audio controls no longer fit the panels and their background colours have changed to black. The lower ones are scrolling in Joe’s Horizon stack.

This site was nearly ready to make live (It is my wife’s site oops)