Poster Stack image not linking to main entry

Hi there, my site is here:

I’m trying to set up Poster Stacks on this blog page. I can’t seem to make the image on the first blog entry be a clickable link so that when you click on it it opens up the whole blog post. Can anyone advise?

Don’t have my MacBook available.

This is set via JavaScript. If there are JavaScript errors on the page, maybe generated by another stack, this functionality will break, too.

I’m not at my Mac right now, but if I understand what you’re asking, you need to use the “read more” poster stack that comes with poster.
If I remember you have to change a setting in the post stack and then drop the read more stack in the summary area then drop what stack you want to “link” to the main content into the read more stack.
It’s covered in the video (uses a button stack).

About 9 minutes in:

If you put the image in the head area, it will be clickable directly.

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Ah brilliant, I had my bits and pieces the wrong way up, thanks it works beautifully now :-).

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