Can't get Link button to show up

I’m trying to add a link to an image but when I click on it the link icon doesn’t show up. The screen shot above shows two different web sites, both created in RW8, Foundation and Stacks 4 (all updated). The web site on the left shows the link button, while the web site on the right does not. Everything else looks to be identical. Can you help?

Try clicking on the actual image and not just the stack’s header.

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Without seeing what “kind of” image stack they are it’s hard to say for sure.

You said all updated, it looks like the foundation is the older version one?

Are you sure you clicked on the image itself and not the outer wrapper?


As usual, I should have looked to see if Doug was replying!

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Wow, subtle yet important difference that I hadn’t noticed before. Thank you for the reply.


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