Adding images to a page

When I try to drag a jpg image from the desktop to a page, or copy and paste it, the image appears in edit mode but disappears in preview mode. I used to be able to do this but not now. My website was originally in RW4 now using Classic and a new page added 3 years ago with no problems adding an image. Why can’t I do such a simple thing as add an image?

Sometimes it is specifically due to the jpg. Have you tried a different jpg? When I drag an image from the desktop, it works fine for me. In edit mode and in preview mode.

Using Preview it was saved asa JPEG and JPEG=2000, but both OK in edit mode but not in preview mode.

Both JPEG and JPEG-2000 are the same, OK in edit mode but not preview mode.


John Robey HonFBHI, Mayfield Books
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I’m sorry, I can’t help you there. But I remember that there used to be problems with the Preview programme.
Try saving the jpgs with another programme and see if the problem still exists.

Hey @jonrobey,

Can you post some screenshots of what it looks like in Edit mode with your images and then what it looks like in Preview mode with your images? Try to include the whole app in your screenshots so we can see what page type you are trying to drag these images to, so we can try and replicate this.

There are guides here and here on how to take screenshots on your Mac in case you need it.

Thanks for your suggestions.



John Robey HonFBHI, Mayfield Books
Tel: 01335 344472


Just had this. What am I doing wrong?

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