New User Photo Question

I’ve been searching the FAQ and forums and haven’t found the answer to this problem. In the Getting Started Videos, the presenter just drags JPG files onto the edit screen and the image appears on the web page.

When I try dragging one of my images onto the edit screen, only the path appears, but no image. For example:
[/Users/###########/Desktop/images.for.rapidweaver/] appears on the page (I added # symbols instead of my name.)

Can you point me to a discussion of this problem?


What happens in each page depends a great deal on the type of page it is.

On a Styled Text page an image should appear. But on a Markdown page the path to the image is what is expected.

So… I’m guessing you have a Markdown page. Perhaps try again with a Styled Text page?


You nailed it.

So I need to rewrite all my pages as Styled Text in order to put images in them? Also, the image came in as a giant crop. I’m guessing I’ll need to edit the images prior to putting them in, or is there a way to scale images within RW?

So I found the manual and it answered all my questions. I highly recommend it to anyone new to Rapidweaver.

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