Website logo linked to home page URL. How?


I tried to use a couple of methods involving a javascript but they didn’t work… What is the best way to make the website logo clickable?
I am using the Geometric theme by Elixir Graphics.
Here is the website:

Thanks in advance for your help.


The only answer I know is that when I drop an image into the Site Logo box, in settings>general, it automatically makes a link to the homepage.

That theme doesn’t seem to automatically do that. Perhaps Adam @Elixir might be able to help.

I just tried that again, with no luck… It remains unlinked.

Yeah, the demo page doesn’t do it as well. There is no easy way to do this if the Theme doesn’t support.

Thanks for testing it out. It really is a shame as I would like to keep a minimal page design, avoiding to show the breadcrumb to go back to the home page. Hopefully somebody can suggest a way to link the logo.

I only see one page on your site.

the others are linked from the footer.

Hmmmm… You might want to give Who We Are and Shipping a little more prominence.

Have you thought of turning off the logo and using the image in a stack and link to that?

You know that might actually be an easy solution to this :slight_smile: OMG how wouldn’t have thought of that!.. Thanks on the feedbacks on the pages, I am addressing a few things so I might consider that too. Gonna try the logo thing right away.

No good… @TomM that way it goes underneath the site title and slogan, which I would like to keep as is in the Main Settings… :frowning:

You can always modify the template. I don’t own the theme, but the lines of code you want to change is probably in the index.html file (make a backup of the file just in case you want to restore to the original). Look for something similar to this:

<!-- Site Logo -->
<div id="logo">%logo%</div>

and change it to

<!-- Site Logo -->
<div id="logo"><a href="%base_url%">%logo%</a></div>

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I suppose you could turn off the title and slogan and do everything with stacks.

Thanks! I will try that. The downside I guess it is that every time I publish an update I’m gonna lose those changes.

yes you can, but that’s not good for SEO.

If you modify the theme, that will only be a concern when/if Adam updates the theme (which typically he doesn’t do too often. Plus, Geometric was released in 2014 so it’s already three years old. You can always ask him what his future plans are for the theme, if any). As long as the theme remains unchanged, it should work indefinitely.

I meant when I would change something myself in the website and hit the “publish” button on RW. Doesn’t it re-write the index file of the homepage? I will try it now anyway.

No, the theme is the theme - publishing has no effect on it. Just to be clear - you’re NOT modifying the published index.html file on your server, you’re modifying the index.html in the Geometric theme in RW on your computer.

Of course sorry, you are right. Let me try :wink:

@bobafifi That sounded like a good idea, but there’s no sign of the Geometric theme inside RW themes folder! :astonished: I can see “classic” and “new” themes but it’s not in there…

what a noob… :sweat_smile: sorry I just came back to RW after several years. Thanks!!

PS) It seems I can’t post anymore replies for today, so I am editing this post instead. To be able to reply I would need to wait 22 hrs it says…


@teefers @bobafifi editing the index of the theme worked!! Thanks a lot for your help! the logo is now linked to the homepage :hugs: this is solved for now.

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