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I have added to following code to the Head section on one page of my RW project:
I am attempting to place this paragraph in an existing container - 46 - of the SPLIT theme.

More generally, my question is about how to add any text or any 48 element to an exisiting 48 (of a RW theme) using html?

Thank you for any help you can offer me.

Kind regards

Neil Ward

N.B. As you can see I have had difficulty showing this code on this forum, without it being converted - hence the images.

What kind of page?
Stacks would be much better…Way more control!

Hi Joe
Thanks for your reply.

Its a Contact Form page… which is why I am attempting this approach.

5 mins on a stacks page:

You are not going to be able to add something within a specific theme’s <div> unless the theme has allowed it with extra content or something. You can add your code to the head & put it in your own <div> if you want. You can style it with CSS via the class name (or id).

Maybe a screen shot with an explanation would get you more specific help.

Or, better yet, provide a link to the page on your website.

If you want to post code in the forum, after you paste it in, you need to highlight it and then select the “Reformatted Text” (aka code) button in the formatting bar. It’s the 6th one with an icon that resembles: </>

Firstly, thank you all for the great suggestions.

  1. Joe, a google search led me to Doobox, this looks as if it is what you are using?

  2. Scott, I appreciate your explanation. The problem I have encountered with adding my own code in the head… is that I then struggle to maintain consistency for different veiwing devices. The reason I wanted to add it to the theme div, is that it is already responsive. I have ‘hacked’ away at adding my own ‘break points’ for mobile, ipad, etc… but my title (added as a <div> with an id) or ‘jumps’ around.

  3. Firstly, I appreciate the tip on ‘Reformatted Text’. That’s a help. Don, my site is under construction - but here is a link to the contact page as I have it so far:
    As you will see, I have:
    a) removed the header (because I found I was unable to control this sufficently well for each veiwing device)
    b) I have had some success in controlling the #intro h1 tag - but it still ‘hops’ around as I reduce the screen width.

Please note: although I have written some html and CSS code for this example - I don’t profess to be anything other than an interested ameture… so I am sure that it is quite ‘shoddy’ in places.

Kind regards


Yep…the fastest Contact form for stacks.

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