How to add a <div> to page?

(Dagny Gromer) #1

I’m new to RW. I need to add a <div> with an ID to a page, put text in it, and style it in CSS based in the ID. Standard html stuff, no?
I’m using a styled text page, is this the right type? I can view the html source, not add to it.

(ben) #2

if you’re using Styled text, you can type HTML directly in to the editing area, then highlight the code and select “Ignore Formatting” from the Format menu item.

(Dagny Gromer) #3

That worked!!
Thanks, Ben.
Is there someplace where tricks such as this are listed or documented?

(ben) #4

We have the support site, which has a lot of info

We have a free “Getting Started” video course here

We have more free videos on the RapidWeaver Community site

We have even more free videos on our YouTube channel

And finally, we have a lot of subscriber-olny courses available on the RapidWeaver Community


Apologies for kind of hijacking this thread but I’ve been wondering about a similar issue, but related to a stacks page. I’d like to enclose multiple stacks in a div so that I can apply a custom class to them. Would it work to use 2 HTML stacks, the first opening the div (div class=“myclass”) and the second HTML stack below the stacks I want to target to close the div (/div)? Or would the first div be automatically closed by RW/Stacks?

(Doug Bennett) #6

Try this stack
Put your other stacks inside this free stack.


@dagnygromer Another option is to use an html page. You can directly enter your html and not mess around with “ignore formatting”.



(Dagny Gromer) #8

Thanks for the resources. I did not know about the YouTube channel, I will check it out. I got here from the support site, and I have watched the getting started videos. I downloaded the .pdf manual.

I am aware of the subscription community site, my feeling at this point in my learning is that I bought a license - I’m not a freeloader - so docs should not be a fee based item. Perhaps I’ll change my mind later on.

(Dagny Gromer) #9

I will try this page type. For now some of the easy word processor like formatting tools in the styled html page are useful to me. I appreciate the suggestion.

(Dagny Gromer) #10

I downloaded this stack. How to I get it into RW?

(Dagny Gromer) #11

Replying to my own question, I stumbled on the answer: Double click on the CSSBox.stack item in folder the installer copied it into.

(scott williams) #12

you can also drag the package onto RW in your dock

(ben) #13

I just published a quick video on how to mix and match styled text and HTML in RapidWeaver, you can watch it on YouTube ( or below.

Happy Weaving :slight_smile:

(Dagny Gromer) #14

Nice video, that’s what I wanted to know how to do.