Adding wide images in Artful

I am an absolute beginner to RapidWeaver. I’m trying to create a really simple web site. I chose Artful as my first theme because it seemed unfussy and allowed a banner that wasn’t huge like Engineer’s. So far so good, but when I wanted to add a page that had landscape-style images, or a row of portrait images side by side, the theme wouldn’t do it - it doesn’t seem to allow me to use the full width as defined by the initial banner etc.

Is this something I can change? In general can I change the amount of space taken up by images in any of the themes? Am confused as to how much flexibility I have, and I haven’t yet found any documentation to help me.

You should be able to have your content as wide as your banner. It’s really hard to tell from your description, but it may be that you have the sidebar enabled in the Page Styles pane of the right-hand inspector. If you aren’t using it, you can click the hide checkbox.

You can also adjust how many “columns” the min content and sidebar take up. They are based on a grid of 12 columns across the page, so the two settings you choose should add to 12. If they add to more than 12, then the sidebar will be push to below the main content area.

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What @DLH said. You can also increase the overall width of the page if you’d like everything a bit wider - either i pixels or by setting a percentage. These settings are in the Master Styles settings.

Thanks - I’m happy with the maximum width. I think my problem was inadvertent inclusion of a side bar which this very simple site doesn’t need. I am still learning! I’m very grateful for help in this forum and will keep asking newbie questions. But is there really no manual explaining in detail how the product works? After all, this a paid-for product.

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No, there’s no up to date manual. There are videos on the RealMac site and elsewhere - Elixir has a load of excellent, well-organised videos for his Foundry product, for example - and this forum is a good resource for learning how to do things.


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