Can't change banner image in Artful theme

I am trying to use the new theme in my RW8 projects, and would like to change the banner image.
I have looked carefully the video of instructions, where it seems very easy to change said image, but on my project the space where I should drop my new image is simply dimmed, and says that the theme i have selected (Artful) does not support banner images.
Can anybody help? Many thanks25

Are you sure you have selected Artful as the theme?

I’ve just tested and I can replace the banner image.


Well, how could I try to change the banner image in a theme without selecting that theme? But thank you very much, because you gave me the clue to the solution (even if I go on being pretty confused). I had selected as Master Style of my project a theme which does not allow overriding the banner image (not having in itself a banner at all). Having changed to Artful my Master Style, I immediately could change the image. So, again, thank you very, very much

Very easily, as you proved by not selecting the Artful theme in Master Style. Each page in RW can have a different theme selected.

OMG! When I selected Artful only for one specific page (1 of almost 200 of my project), leaving as Master Style of all the project the theme Alpha (or similar), there was no way I could change the banner image in Artful. It became possible only when I selected Artful as Master Style of all the project (albeit not using it in the other 199˜ pages). I began using RW 4 eleven years ago, not RW8 yesterday.

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