Adjust anchor to allow for Fixed/Sticky header

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When adding an anchor to a specific area on a page, it is common for a fixed page header to make the anchor appear 50-100px below the point you want it. Normally, I use Joe Workman’s Anchor stack and to get around this issue, I put it over the stack above where i want it to land.

However, on this occasion, the stack above is an ‘Ivy’ stack (collapsable accordion) and, because it is hidden content, the anchor doesn’t work inside it.

So my question is, does anyone know of a different way to adjust the anchor height? You can’t (and wouldn’t want to) add padding to the anchor stack. Perhaps a setting whereby you can add an optional number of pixels when using a fixed header would be good?

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You can’t do this. As you can not predict which panel above may be open / closed and presumably each panel has a different content hight, you can not predict how much to offset the top of the anchor.

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