Advice: Listing Sermons

I have not used RapidWeaver since ver. 4 (maybe even earlier) and am clueless as to what I need. Hoping someone could help? I would like to create pages of sermons like the list found on this page:
Each button gives a different page and a different list format, each of which I would like to create, especially this page:
I have the latest ver. of Stacks. Is it sufficient for what I want to do or is there a better stack or way to doing what I am attempting?

To state the obvious - as you want each sermon on it’s own page, you first need to create separate RW pages for each sermon. This is not the only way to do things but is good for sharing / social media as every sermon has it’s own URL i.e. you can send a direct link to any sermon to whoever you want.

I would strongly suggest a prominent ‘back to list’ button on each page

If you have a lot of sermons you don’t want all of these appearing in the main Navigation Menu, so disable “show in navigation” in the main inspector (1st tab) on every sermon page.

Then create a page with all of your sermon titles listed and create a link from each title to the relevant sermon page. You can do this with text, images or buttons. You could also include a little introduction text if desired. The list could be alphabetical or date ordered, or you could group them by theme.

And that’s pretty much it. Stacks is good for your needs, nothing else special required

From a more aesthetical point of view, I wonder if some iteration of the Filter stack would work for you?

There’s a demo here: and here showing two layout options that might suit.

That is a good application for a blog feed using the blog stack from @instacks.
Similar to what I did for a client Here

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From looking at the pages that you provided, it looks like you have something very similar to a blog on the first page. The other buttons/tabs are like tag clouds for the blog posts.

As jabostick mentioned above, you could use a blog feed using the blog stack from @instacks. But you might could also use the built in blog feature of RW. There are other blog plugins/stacks as well. It’s just a matter of finding the one you like best.

However, the blog layout definitely seems like the best option for what you are looking to do.

Christi Carew
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