Advice on rehashing my website

My hosting stricture has gotten a bit complicated.

My business is called PODCASTREVISION and my main domain is . This domain has been owned by me since 2006 through Fasthosts.

It points to my hosting account at Bluest where I have the following domains

All of the above point to the same website.

As my business developed, I now promote as it’s more descriptive of the nature of my business.

My question is, is it worth changing my account name with bluehost to and simply having the other domains linking to that?

I want to install the free Letsencrypt SSL and validate my emails with elastic email and have a bit of a redesign and tidy up.

I hope that’s clear. Thanks in advance.

Anyone out there who can help? :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey @Bazza - I think if it’s just the main site stays at but you are using DNS redirects from it’s ok - or are you using other redirects and concerned that the URL changes in the browser?

Interesting development and glad to hear it’s going well :slight_smile:

An interesting website @Bazza - just one thing that shouted out to me was your signature (if that really is your writing). Call me paranoid, but now both your name and your signature is there for anyone to use/abuse.

I look after our local primary school website and I’ll pass your website link onto them just in case they can make use of it.

Nice website @Bazza , Saw your quiz page, Can you please tell me how did you created the quiz, is it using any Stack??

Regards, Rajat

@yuzool it’s mainly about having the letsencrypt padlock set up. The browser doesn’t change whichever domain is in, but this ssl certificate has me a bit confused.

@grajay thanks! Good point about the signature- never really thought.

@rajat Thank you. It’s just an HTML quiz in an hymnal stack. I’ll post the link a bit later.

Sure thanks a lot, Regards Rajat

There you go. You might need a little bit of CSS to alter spacing etc, but it does work perfectly well without.

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Thank you so much, Regards Rajat

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