Automatically secure you sites (via SSL)

Hi RW friends,

I haven’t posted this here, but I wanted to finally share this to a wider audience. More announcements will be coming soon so please stay tuned!

We launched free SSL certificates to some pretty rave reviews. How can we make free SSL certificates even better? How about free automatic SSL certificates? That’s right. Now free SSL certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt are installed automatically for sub-domains and add-on domains. You can check the status of your SSL certificates directly from within the control panel. You can even upgrade your certificate to a higher quality certificate via the SSL/TLS Wizard also in the control panel. All done for you to make your sites safer, more secure, and rank better in search engines.

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You sure do know how to make your clients happy! Thank you!

Agreed. I would definitely jump to Chillidog if the plans were a little more generous. I currently pay $99 per year for unlimited disk space and bandwidth, 1 free domain name for life, unlimited email, unlimited databases, unlimited subdomains etc etc.

The features that Greg is giving customers is just great though. Seems like such a great service. I’ve currently setup SSL but after going through that, man, I wish it was free and automatic like this! Top drawer stuff.

I appreciate the feedback but please note, there is a lot more to hosting than disk space and bandwidth. For instance, the quality of the disks holding your files and the speed or latency of the bandwidth serving the files. I don’t have a cap on the number of email accounts or databases, their usage just counts towards overall disk usage. FYI, running database queries is not “free”, it takes disk speed and CPU to ensure that they’re snappy.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources of the big box hosts, so I don’t try to compete with them. It’d be a fool’s errand. Instead I try to make and deliver the hard technical choices for users (hardware, software, optimizations, etc.). This feature is just one example of this. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, and I totally agree with your comments. If anyone ever asks me about hosting, I always mention you first, even though I’ve never used you. It just seems that you offer a great service and always go the extra mile. There are certainly a lot of good things said about Chillidog around here.

The stats on my sites, as a conglomerate, for August 2017 are:

Bandwidth Used: 65.4 GB
Disk Space Used: 30 GB

That’s the reason why I can’t use your service! My websites are not ‘normal’, hence the huge bandwidth and disk space.

So cool!
I am glad you brought this online- I remember asking you about this a couple years ago, so this is one happy customer that is even happier now!