Advice re contacting support

Hi, can anyone advise me re customer technical support for RapidWeaver? I am simply getting no response to emails sent to

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Hey Mark! Sorry to hear about this.

I can’t find any emails for you in our inbox? Can you resend your email and I’ll personally take a look?

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Hi Aaron, thanks so much for this. I resent my email yesterday. I’m hoping it was received ok. Not heard anything back yet.

Well, I am now beyond disappointed. I cannot believe that support cannot be reached. I have heard nothing apart from the above.

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Hi Mark,

I have not seen any emails from you. I’m not sure what’s up.

I’ve private messaged you my personal email so I can assist.

Thanks for this, Aaron. I emailed you directly yesterday.

Hi Arron,

Our direct email trail has curtailed, are my responses still going to spam?


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