Sad State of Developer Support, Some Developers, not All

I love RapidWeaver. It’s open structure lends itself to great opportunities, but it’s a double edged sword. So many stack developers, so little support. Without naming names, a few are very good and responsive, others not so. I’ve written to a few recently for help I need with problems related to the stacks I bought from them. I get a reply email saying someone will contact me within 48 hours or so, then nothing. That is frustrating. There’s nothing I can do except not buy anything from them in the future.

Hey there Bruce!

I’m really sorry to hear you’re running into this problem in this community. I don’t know if you and I have talked in the past, but I can promise you that support is not that way when it comes to my products. If you’re interested in my products you rest assured that you’ll get support for them.

This isn’t a pitch for you to go out and buy my stuff. And you shouldn’t unless you’re in the need of something I sell. It is just a way to say that there are reliable, trustworthy developers in our community still. I’d honestly say there’s quite a few of them. I am sorry though that you’ve had this experience. Some developers only do this part time, while others are full time. This doesn’t excuse any of them for poor support, but it can explain why some have longer response times.

All that said, here’s some developers I know that supply good products and definitely support their products:

If I didn’t list someone here it isn’t to say they don’t give good support – lets get that out of the way. It is just that I’m not as well aquatinted with them and their businesses. The community that has grown up around Realmac Software, and specifically RapidWeaver, is quite astounding really. It is a shame that there are situations where a developer doesn’t seem to be as invested in the community and its members as some of the rest. I don’t know if it is purposeful or not, but I do know that there are a lot of well meaning developers out there that do offer good support for their products.

Hopefully the developer in question that you’re not getting a reply from will get back to you. If not the forum may be able to help you out if you start a new thread specific to the problem. Or perhaps one of the developers above has a product that can do what you want instead.

Anyway, enough out of me on this Sunday morning.


You have always been responsive, and that is much appreciated. I am having trouble contacting two developers on your list. Again, I don’t want to name names. I wrote to you privately.

As I have mentioned in another post few months ago, I maintain a “black/gray/white list” of all developers I have ever had business with (not all developers in this market). My ratings take into account price/usefulness/reliability of their products and the quality of their support.

This allows me to keep doing business only with my “white-listers”. That saves me a lot of aggravation, not to mention money and time.

Here are my “white-listers” (in no particular order):

NB, my black list includes also 7 names, which I will not reveal here.


Hi Bruce,
Exactly, Without naming names there is nothing you can do. Part of what this forum helps others with is too share experiences with developers.

I’ve found most of the RapidWeaver Developers have very good support. It’s not always in a timely matter or within the 48 hours that some promise and the sometimes support ticket gets overlooked.

On a post just before you posted this you were having issues with a stack from @yabdab, but you didn’t tag him.

I think it’s not good to group all developers together, with a title to a post like “Sad State of Developer Support” if you arn’t willing to name the developer(s) you are having issues with.


I change the post title. I agree it’s some not all developers. I have great support from some.

How would I tag YabDab in the previous post?

You tag someone by including their forum id with an @ at the start., @bruce is you.

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