0 (Zero) support from Realmac?

I’ve experienced 0 (zero) support from Realmac for nearly 2 months now. It’s been 6weeks and nothing (zero).

And the link to the PDF manual is dead (as @robbeattie stated).

Can someone assist me?

  1. I sent Realmac an extensive email including all of the requested details (including the logs, the RW file itself, and a long list of details).

  2. I got one email requesting the FTP login credentials (because that was the only thing I didn’t include in the original support request).

  3. I replied with my FTP credentials and……

  4. I waited for 6 weeks :loudspeaker: for a response and all I got after 5 weeks was an email :envelope_with_arrow: asking **

  5. How did we do? Please take the survey.”


What’s going on? Do we need to pay for that subscription


in order to get support?

I find the current level of support for RW at Realmac bizarre and disappointing.


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I am not trying to downplay your experience or anything but, getting the survey email suggests that something was sent previously. Is it possible that it went to your spam folder or something? I know support isn’t always super quick with Realmac (especially as they’re working on the new versions of 7) but I’ve always had my support questions answered - both with and without being a subscriber.

What is it you need assistance with? Maybe someone here can help…

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Hello Jason,

That’s ok. I know you don’t have any ill intentions.

I respect you guys. I know there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

I have the email correspondences and the last email I got was a request for the FTP credentials. I sent the credentials and was very patient. I wrote at least 10 emails to support (all of which had a respectful and patient tone).

I’ve checked my spam folders and nothing there from RW support.

So you’re a subscriber? I was thinking about subscribing.

Please see my other post regarding this issue.

The issue: when a site is finished publishing, is the word “idle” expected behavior in in the publishing dialogue box? I posted a picture in another thread as well.

See image below:

It’s idle because it has finished publishing. I don’t know why, but sometimes the dialogue box disappears of its own accord and sometimes you have to hit Done.

Hello Peter,

Thanks for the support.

I was just wondering because in RW 6 this word “idle” was not there. So, I don’t know if it is a bug?

In RW 6 I always had two options (and must click one of those in order to move on and continue to use RW) — (1) view Web site and (2) Done

These two options are still there but the word “idle” is there as well.

idle is just telling you that the ftp chanel is idle (no longer moving data). It’s done

I’m not currently a subscriber, but have been in the past. I was in need of a couple of the bonus add-ons they had and found the tutorials to be very useful and well done. I have enough monthly fees at the moment, unfortunately! (I didnt notice much of a difference in support speed, was my original point, though. Both were pretty quick).