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I’m looking to set up a website for online selling of music synthesiser patches. I am intending on using YouTube as the place to host my demo videos. I need a website that can enable me to manage web sales of small digital files. I’m new to webpage stuff. I need to process payments and automated sending of data.

I’d be really grateful if you guys could advise on a hosting company and what sort of package I might require.



Website hosting is quite different than collecting payments and sending data. Hosting the videos on YouTube or Vimeo is a much better way to go then self-hosting on a website(they’re bandwidth hogs).

As for web hosting(your site), there are a number of good options.

Realmac recommends A2 hosting, but they also talk about others here:

Any of the ones listed will work, and a lot of users use each.

For sales and digital delivery, there are a number of options available. Most require a monthly subscription.
I’m assuming you are talking about Music files?

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Hey teefers, thanks for the response. I’d be looking at sending out sysex or midi files. Small files but I can’t predict sales frequency.

Macdock has been a RW supporter since day one.

If your sales are small, look for your selling/payment software and digital delivery options until you find ones that cost in line with your sales expectations… I make very little on my sales, but it’s something small that matters to me monthly… and my payment gateway costs only $5 a month… that I can afford. It’s WAY simple but NOT fancy… many of the add on developers of stacks for RW use “Paddle” for their payment and download processing, so you might look at Paddle… it seems to be quite the dominant choice. Mine doesn’t have download, so mine is not right for you… I take credit cards, and the user is free to click download at any time… I think you need to control who gets to download your stuff. ie only people who buy, so Paddle may be of use. Mine is super simple to implement, it’s just HTML snippets that go in an HTML container or stack… and the buttons to buy appear, it’s called Globalcart. It handles the checkout screen… if you accept credit cards, yourself, Globalcart is great, because you are automatically compliant with the credit card processing rules. This is easy to get through, once you choose a vendor. Easy to implement and benefit from.

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Maybe Cartloom will suit your needs?

Cartloom is an online eCommerce platform that offers deep integration into RapidWeaver and Stacks . Setup up your online store and products in RapidWeaver with drag and drop! Product creation and editing takes place online, in Cartloom’s beautiful admin. The online admin support multi user access, perfect clients wanting to add to edit product anytime. Admin editing, instantly updates in RapidWeaver preview and if published - your live site.

Get the free Stack here:

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