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Hi, Brand new to this forum. Read some posts about hosting but saw they were pretty old. Bought RW two years ago but have not had time to play with it. Planning to learn in August and then help three campgrounds here in the US to make their homepages. I am Swedish, lives in the US since many years and are planning to use RW to help customers set up their homepages. Have worked at the campground this summer, me and my wife actually are photographers (Real Estate) and have done that the last three years. Use Matterport, A DJI Mavick Hasselblad drone and Canon 5D Mark IV equipment. See a demand from small and medium size campground to get their own homepage and with better than stock photos.

Saw RW recommended A2 as a host but there must be others.

Have no clue if some hosts are RW friendly, other WP friendly etc. Have not produced my first homepage yet but will and need a hosting company that is working fine.

No need for a “Rolls Royce” but a solid company I also can recommend to my customers. Already have three campgrounds who needs help this fall.

So - How do I choose a host?

Chillidoghosting @barchard Greg is a RW developer and has great hosting and service for RW sites

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Thanks. Just thinking if he is British might slow down for US users? Have no clue. Know we use GoDaddy for our domain when it comes to email. So might move email as well.

Greg (chillidoghosting) is in the US and is very fast.

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Ok, I might consider that. See a lot of $1/month but realize that is just to get you in. Maybe he has a deal for three years or five.

Hi @BasilFawlty

I (Chillidog Hosting) am US based. I have servers in the US and EU. We can set your site up in either location. Whichever you prefer :slight_smile:

The A2 deal with RealMac is an affiliate deal. Just a FYI. They get $ for A2 signups.

I do have deals for 1yr. They’re not public (soon!) but if you’re interested, just let me know and I’ll be happy to let you know more.


+1 for Greg and Chillidog. Host all my new client sites there.


+1 for Greg @barchard and and Chillidog. I’m based in the UK and use his EU hosting. Works really well and the support is simply exceptional.


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I signed up with Greg!


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