After migrating rw7 to rw8, all overridden banner images are gone [FIXED]

I wanted to check out RW8 quickly and imported a RW7 project using the Voyager Pro Theme and after importing, the overriden site banner images are gone, it shows the standard banner image from the theme settings.

Not a big deal with a two pager, but imagine a larger project…


!!! I’ll wait to see what others have encountered before opening RW8 then.

You don’t need to wait.

RW 8 converts RW 7 projects for you, but leaves the original as it is so you can always go back to it.

I’ve converted 2 sites and published with RW 8 today and I encountered zero issues.


Found the same with my first import - my smallest site so easy to reinstate the four banners - Paradise Theme from Themeflood.

Converted 2 Projects. No issues. But RW8 crashes when I have activated the backup feature after sending the zip file to the hoster. Without backup no problems publishing.

My splash image (Joe Workman’s Impact stack) is no longer working in preview, nor are 1LD’s Optics, Rapid Ideas’ Social Stream, Joe Workman’s Video Wall or Google Maps. For the moment, despite the lovely interface and great new features, I’m sticking with 7, but look forward to everything working soon.

It’s clearly a tricky job to get all these elements working together, so I’m not too bothered. Good luck with solving the problems.

Yep, had the same problem with Multitheme Regen. All my splash overrides are gone.
It wasn’t a big deal to put them back in, but I hope it’s the only thing that’s missing.

Mine are all there, just not showing in preview - a few stacks are behaving the same. Not a big deal as I can work in 7 until the kinks are ironed out. I just assume that @dan and team will want to hear these things going forward.

Thanks for the heads-up, we’re on it - if anyone can send us the troubled projects (in RW7 and the converted RW8 projects), that would be great. My email address - - the sooner I get a projects to test here the sooner we can fix!


Thank you NeilUK. Much appreciated!

Sent you my projects for fixing!

Well, following a suggestion from Joe Workman, I turned off the minify CSS and Javascript option and everything is working flawlessly now. Good work folks - it really is a great update.

We’ve just shipped an update to RapidWeaver 8 that will fix the banner migration issue. Just re-open your RW7 projects in RW8 and the banners should now be visible :slight_smile:

Thanks, and happy weaving!


Awwwwwwesome, thanks Dan!

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