Again - RapidWeaver has detected missing resources in this project

Cleanmymac - never in a 1000 years. No cleaning, except manually, etc. The missing resources are not something I noticed immediately. They are a resource and only some pdf files are actually linked to the resources, and they were OK. For the rest RW Resources is just a store of the images I used on the webpages. So I only spotted them missing when I did my little occasional audit. In the past I had some problems with images, so I am very careful to ensure that I compose the Resources properly. I was looking forward to fault free life with those resources, even if I have started to question the need to keep such a massive collision of images.
In any case, given that the resources were missing from Resources, they also went missing from the Resources folder on the server when I did a republish. But all the resources were intact on my external HD with the backup I built by hand. No I did not restore anything from the server. And I plan to restore the missing resources from my external drive. But I do question why I need to do that, the images are embedded in the webpages. On the surface, and with my limited understanding, do I need to drag all those images back into WR Resources? Shame there are not a couple of video tutorials on how to use Resources properly.

True. Can you copy the complete project from your external HD and see if this is working? So you will not have to add them manually. I am tagging @dan and @tpbradley - perhaps they can shed some light on why the ressources have gone missing.

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