Resources? Gone!

Can future updates of RapidWeaver please include a roll back to a previous version?
It’s a big ask but in updating I now have hours and hours relinking resources on about 10 sites :(:frowning_face:

When you’re self employed its an absolute nightmare!! its bonkers! once we get a stable version I’m never ever ever upgrading!! Is 8.1.5 any better than 8.1.4 and if I upgrade to 5 will I get my resources back?

Do you really store a website’s resources on your desktop? Or am I jumping to conclusions?

Yes! I’m guessing I’m doing this all wrong? How should I be doing it?

I keep all the resources/assets on the server (warehouse), but I know not everyone is doing that. If I were you, I would at least keep the resources in the project itself. Then you shouldn’t have any issues.


Not entirely true. The ‘Resources’-part uses absolute paths, which is IMO a nightmare. I work on two Macs, with different absolute paths, because one has two disks, and the other has not. So I always get to see ‘missing resource’-link on either one.
Also, when you want to rearrange your projects, resources-links are possibly no longer valid.

Therefore, I’ve filed a request, a loooong time ago, for resource-paths to be relative to the folder the RW-document is in. Or be absolute, if people want that. At least to have choice somewhere in the ‘General’ settings of the site-file.

In Advanced settings, select ‘Copy into Document’ and the resources are saved as part of the project file.


That is interesting, I don’t see that in my settings…but I do have “unpack portable documents” button.

See screenshots, I have never selected unpack on any of my projects…ever.

I’m on 8.0.3…just not willing to go to 8.1.x considering all the resource issues.

I wonder if I would have the resource issues some (most) people are having considering I have never “unpacked portable documents”??

Any thoughts??

Cheers Scott

What’s not entirely true?

Yes, my screenshot is RW 8.1.5 and it’s a version of RW 8 that Kelnixon is using to see that Resources warning window. Kelnixon you need to reconsider your working methods, keeping all those resources on the desktop is just asking for trouble somewhere down the line. Using ‘Copy into document’ would keep all the resources in the project file and life would be so much simpler for you.

With regard to the resources ‘issue’, I mostly warehouse my resources, often on a different server to the one hosting the website. Therefore, when I did get the resources link warning window, there were only a few items listed - and these were either resources that I had added, and then removed a very long time ago, or I was storing elsewhere on the Mac and had hadn’t ticked the ‘Copy into document’ option in RW8. I simply deleted the resources that were no longer actually in the project, relinked the files that were elsewhere on the Mac, ticked the ‘Copy into document’ saved the project and all was good.


It was about : [quote=“NeilUK, post:4, topic:25356”]
Then you shouldn’t have any issues.

But now I see screenshots posted that it’s possible to store the resources into the RW-file. I didn’t know that and that’s an improvement. So using this setting, you’re right, there shouldn’t be any issues.


Ok, my working methods have been upgraded. Looks like it was my error then! I had no idea that setting was even there! I just assumed the resources would go into the document to begin with! I really must start reading documentation! But, thank you for putting me right :blush:


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