POP UP message with YES & NO buttons - how to

Hello to everyone,

This is my 1st post/question here.

Since couple of month I’m using Rapindweaver 8 with Foundry and their Potion & Thunder packs and I’m very happy). Thanks to @Elixir for the create job on Foundry and the packs.

My question: On my web page I would like to build for a specific page a POP UP message with 2 buttons YES & NO. Yes the page remains, No there is a redirect to the home page.

What I have to use in order to get this? I need this pop up to get for a page where I will list new line of products (cocktails from a keg) and I need to have the confirmation that the visitor is or not 18years old.

I looked all the stacks I have and I do not think that I can found something in Foundry…or maybe yes…

Looked also at @joeworkman Call of Action stack but there is in the settings a Call of Action dropdown list where (if I understood well) a specific stack should be selected (like Reveal, PopBox, Focus etc…and I do not have them).

That’s why my request for help to you. What’s the best and easy way to make this pop up.

Thanks for your feedback.


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Have a look at the Explicit stack. It should do what you need.


Thanks @NeilUK! Indeed exactly what I’m looking for. When back in the office I will try it.

Maybe it’s obvious, but I can use it under Foundry, correct?


Yes, it will work on Foundry. Actually, the website that sells Explicit is a Foundry site.

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:slight_smile: thanks

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