Alert Box with anti-annoyance

I’m looking for an alert pop up which is a) customisable and b) has some kind of anti-annoyance be it cookie based or timer based. Principal purpose is to alert users to Terms & Conditions so mainly needs to pop up on page load or scroll point.

So far I like the look of 1LDs ‘Notice’ stack which looks to be a self contained solution, and Joe Workman’s ‘Call to Action’ that looks to add functionality to other modal type stacks (several of which I have). Content could be lengthy and/or mixed so for this application the Doobox Notify stack isn’t what I’m after even tho it’s a useful little stack.

So - any recommendations? Anything else I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe - can display text, images, HTML and is cookie-based.





Call to Action gives you ultimate control over how often to trigger/show an alert to users. Instead of having an opinionated UI, it integrates with over 10 different stacks to allow you to use it how you want to.

Ha. Now that I read your second paragraph… What if you used my free static height stack to create a scrolling container inside of a lightbox. Then Call to Action to only display it once.

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