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I’m pretty much a beginner, and not technically savvy-- I’ve just managed to put together a basic website using RW8 but right at the end run into a problem I can’t solve. It’s about wrapping text around images using align image left/right. The text seems on the simulator to be wrapping around the image, but when the website is published a large gap/blank space appears in the middle of the text. This only happens when I view the webpage on full screen on my Mac: the gap disappears when I reduce the size of the window or view the website on a smaller screen device.

Is there a simple way around this? I’ve had a look at similar questions, but with some I’m not sure if they are describing the same problem, and with others I think they are but don’t understand the answers.

In case it’s relevant, I’ve been using Qube as a theme.

Any advice would be really appreciated.

A URL to the page would help people see what you are doing.

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Thank you, Doug. Here is a URL to one page: Also a correction: despite what I said earlier, it seems the gaps in text don’t appear at full screen but at various points between the smallest and full screen.

@lenacromartie I’m not seeing any problem with your “floated” image. Text is behaving as I’d expect.

Thank you, Matthew, and that’s good news if it means others aren’t seeing anything weird-looking!

I’ve now worked out how to attach an image to this discussion, so here is one of what I’m seeing. In this example, there’s a gap between ‘with relevant’ and ‘and helpful emerging research’. The gap disappears when I make the window larger and then reappears again when I make it larger still.

I’ve tried different OS and different browsers and none are showing the layout problem you see there.

I see the issue when I re-size my browser by dragging it with the mouse pointer, but no-one looks at websites like that. The important thing is how it behaves on different devices. Check with the RW simulator or better still, get friends to use phones, tablets etc to check the site and see if it still happens.


Thanks for having a look, Nick, it’s appreciated.

Thanks, Rob. It sounds as if it’s less of an issue than I thought. I know it looks ok on the RW simulator, but for peace of mind I’ll do as you suggest and ask friends to check it on their various devices.

Thanks to all for the help-- it’s really appreciated by me as someone who struggles with these kinds of things.

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