Text wrap round images in blog pages - not working

I am trying to wrap text round an image in an RW blog post. I have followed the advice in the Help section and also from WeaverThemes:

  1. Scale the image (eg 20%).
  2. Select it, choose the HTML tag Align Left.
    Nothing happens when I do that. The text doesn’t move or wrap. Backspacing the text simply deletes the image when it reaches it. For information this is the Solitude theme (though I doubt it’s a theme issue). So:
  • Am I doing something wrong?
  • Should the image be within the text paragraph or not? (Makes no difference when I try.)
  • Should I use a less basic blog editor that fits in seamlessly with the Blog page in RW?

Hi @gallifrey55,

Does it work when you try it like this?

Yes – thank you very much.

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Actually no. I tried it again. I followed the advice EXACTLY but when I previewed the page, the image wasn’t there. See screenshots. It’s a jpeg file and it’s in Resources.

In RapidWeaver, on the Blog page there is a Summary tab and a Body tab. Make sure you are adding the image to both if you are utilizing a summary with a “Read More” link that directs to the full article.

Thanks. I did exactly what you suggested. The result was:
(1) the image now displays on the summary page as well
(2) the image does not scale or align left on the body page.
Neither of which was what I wanted.

Can you share your project file so I can take a look? If that image is not included in the project resources, make sure to share the image file too so I can test with it.

Email those links to us at support@realmacsoftware.com